Our Story

Ruby Vanilla provides amazing, beautiful pieces that make your eyes light up, along with some classic chic styles that no one can live without.  We want your friends to WANT every piece that you buy from our collection!  Becky created Ruby Vanilla after years of helping people shop, decorate their homes, pick out jewelry, and find their own individual style.  She worked for a department store as a buyer for ten years, and then as a sales rep for ten years, so she brings lots of experience with curating collections, and finding those hidden gems to bring your way.  We hope you enjoy shopping here as much as we enjoy bringing these items to you!

Becky met James, the day after she turned 32, and they married a year later.  These are the ruby shoes she wore in their wedding.  Their son, Jackson, who joined their family thru the amazing gift of adoption (truly God's GREATEST gift!  Becky would talk about this all day long, so feel free to reach out if you want to talk adoption) loved those shoes too, so the idea of Ruby Vanilla came to life, with the name based on the picture above.

The belief that every woman needs amazing "Ruby" style pieces, paired with Chic "Vanilla" classics quickly emerged as what we have today in the brand Ruby Vanilla.  Adding beauty to your personal style as well as your home, can change the way you feel about your day, adding confidence and energy.

Also, just a reminder, everyone says "find something you love to do, and the dread of going to work everyday will disappear".  I wish I had taken this leap sooner, but feel compelled to share - don't wait!  Whatever your dream is,  adoption, a new business venture, travel -  don't wait, go for it, find a way to make it happen.  You won't regret letting go of the fear and taking the leap.  We sure hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us here!